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I have support my POSH since about 1971, when my dad sneaked me in (he was working with St John Ambulance covering the game). From the age of 16 my parents brought me a season ticket for the London Road End. In 1981 I joined the Army, but where ever I have served in my 23 years service I have ensured that I was able to get the final score as soon as the final whistle has blown where ever I was from Colchester to the Falklands. In the last two years I have organised the POSH Kit Launch at Serpentine Green and also arranged the purchase of Christmas presents for the Amazon Ward , that I wrapped for the players to give to the children in hospital. I have meant to have been at certain places, but football came first like the time my daughter had an appointment at a potential university - but that day POSH were playing Northampton, great game Gabi got sent off, Charlie Lee scored the only goal. I have the opportunity of receiving some signed POSH Items, these mostly get given to a random POSH Fan who happens to be in Serpentine Green. My prize processions are POSH V Carlisle programme 03rd Oct 1964 (my birth date), I have a couple of framed team signed shirts in my office at work, signed Chris Forrester shirt framed at home, signed 2ft x 3ft canvas of Charlie Lee scoring the goal against Northampton (Thank you to my daughter for getting me that) and a 2ft x 3ft signed canvas of Chris Forrester scoring against Northampton this season. I have had the privilege of sitting in the Directors Box this season (thank you Mick George). Though good times and bad times I will always support the POSH.
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